Things that impacted the way I see the world:

Stage 1) Realize that you are living the script handed to you by society. That mindless consumption and money alone won’t make you happy. Take the red pill.

Stage 2) Take control of what you let into your mind. Educate and re-brainwash yourself with books/YouTube.

Stage 3) Start your self-improvement journey. Health, wealth, happiness and connection.

Stage 4) Realize that people perceive reality in vastly different ways based on their personality type (MBTI) and levels of conciousness (spiral dynamics).

Stage 5) Create a life based on your own conclusions. Live-style design, adopt minimalismn. Start a business as the ultimate self-improvement vehicle and to support your choosen life-style. Realize that you can live a millionare life-style with 4-figure monthly cash flow.

Stage 6) Realize that „freedom from“ goals are nice but better set „freedom to goals“. Freedom is not doing nothing, but having freedom of time, location, money, relationship, choice to do what you are passionate about and what impacts the world in a positive way.

Totally wrong but common believes:

  • „Time is money“ -> „Value created for other people is money“
  • „You have to work hard“ -> „You have to work smart and with leverage“
  • „A job means security“ -> „Assets earning you 10k/month reagardless of your personal condition means security“
  • „You retire when you are 67“ -> „You retire when you can afford it“

General rules:

  • Don’t chain yourself to a house/car/student loan
  • Don’t exchange time for money
  • Don’t create a job for yourself, but instead a business working independently of you

Robert Kiyosaki – Cashflow Quadrant / a home is a liability not an asset
Jim Rohn – You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with
Michael E. Gerber – The entrepreneur, manager, technician. Client fulfillment, lead generation, lead conversion, management, leadership system.
MJ Demarco – CENTS (Control, Entry, Need, Time, Scale)
Russell Ackoff – System thinking / Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Understanding -> Wisdom  /  Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
Tim Ferris – The 4hour work week
Jay Abraham – joint ventures / strategy of preeminence / leverage underuntilized assets

Cells -> Clusters -> Organs -> Humans -> Families -> Companies -> States -> Planetary System -> Solar System -> Galaxy -> Universe: The most important node of the system, which creates the most value gets the most resources allocated to it.

Myers Briggs Peronality Typing

MBTI – Profile