Daniel Kogan?

Hey there. Welcome to my personal blog!


As an INTJ I love to explore and connect ideas. Here I try to share everything what I learning on my journey to self-actualization. Right now some of my areas of interest are system thinking, perspectives, cognitive biases, self-development and becoming a digital normad.

I studied Regional Science Japan (a mix of Japanology and Business) in Bonn Germany and spent a couple of years in Tokyo and Kyoto studying the Japanese and the local culture. I started working at a market research company in Bonn and now after a couple years of being an employee I am slowly getting rid of society’s brainwashing and transitioning into self-employment and after that hopefully also into being a business owner. The reason why? Check out Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrants.

Update: 30.12.2017

I quit my job mid of 2015 and did the digital nomad lifestyle for 2,5 years. Now I am working on developing my entrepreneurial mindset. In 2017 I still did a couple freelance projects, but I am working on making a transition to 100% online income in 2018. Working on instead of in the business by delegating, outsourcing and setting up systems.

I am currently running my Excel teaching business excelhero.de, helping over 4000+ professionals to get the most out of Excel.

Things I like:

  • Reading (My book list)
  • Self-improvement
  • Working on my online business
  • Talking to entrepreneurs and like minded people
  • Automating tasks with Excel
  • Being in countries with warm climate
  • Minimalismn
  • Being in control of my life and doing what the hell I want 🙂

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