Daniel Kogan?

Hey there. Welcome to my personal blog!


As an INTJ I love to explore and connect ideas. Here I try to share everything what I learning on my journey to self-actualization. Right now some of my areas of interest are system thinking, perspectives, cognitive biases, self-development and becoming a digital normad.

I studied Regional Science Japan (a mix of Japanology and Business) in Bonn Germany and spent a couple of years in Tokyo and Kyoto studying the Japanese and the local culture. I started working at a market research company in Bonn and now after a couple years of being an employee I am slowly getting rid of society’s brainwashing and transitioning into self-employment and after that hopefully also into being a business owner. The reason why? Check out Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrants.

Update: 30.12.2017

I quit my job mid of 2015 and did the digital nomad lifestyle for 2,5 years. Now I am working on developing my entrepreneurial mindset. In 2017 I still did a couple freelance projects, but I am working on making a transition to 100% online income in 2018. Working on instead of in the business by delegating, outsourcing and setting up systems.

I am currently running my Excel teaching business excelhero.de, helping over 4,000+ professionals to get the most out of Excel.

Things I like:

  • Reading (My book list)
  • Self-improvement
  • Working on my online business
  • Talking to entrepreneurs and like minded people
  • Automating tasks with Excel
  • Being in countries with warm climate
  • Minimalismn
  • Being in control of my life and doing what the hell I want 🙂

Update: 05.03.2019

My main focus is now to expand my Excel online training business excelhero.de. So far I have reached over 12,000 people with my online courses and counting. My vision is to offer the best and most comprensive Excel online learning experience possible for my students.

After 3,5 years mostly abroad, I am about to go back to Germany. My goal overarching goal is to reach 500k people with my online training, therefore I think it is crucial now to spend more time in Germany and connect with local businesses.